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links for 2011-02-17

Posted on Februar 18th, 2011 by Jonathan

Bitte alle mal herschauen! – Gesellschaft/Leben – Süddeutsche Zeitung Magazin A team of German journalists driving through several cities in a fake street view car to find out how Germans react. Great pictures! (tags: sz google streetview car germany scepticism privacy concerns)

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links for 2011-02-16

Posted on Februar 17th, 2011 by Jonathan

Consumer Innovation as New Economic Pattern – (tags: innovation consumer centric idea research business)

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links for 2011-02-15

Posted on Februar 16th, 2011 by Jonathan

Matthew Key on always maintaining a challenger mentality – even when you're number one Matthew Key of O2/ Telefonica on the importance of a challenger mentality even if you are Number One. (tags: o2 key challenger mentality management uk business) User-Led Innovation Can't Create Breakthroughs; Just Ask Apple and Ikea | Co.Design Good point, but […]

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links for 2011-02-14

Posted on Februar 15th, 2011 by Jonathan

Telefonica's Matthew Key: 'Your phone will be a remote control for your life' – Telegraph O2 CEO Matthew Key does not have a computer on his desk, or even a laptop in his bag. Key runs the Telefonica mobile phone empire of 55m customers stretching from Birmingham to Bratislava with just his iPad. (tags: o2 […]

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links for 2011-02-04

Posted on Februar 5th, 2011 by Jonathan

The future of innovation: The rise of the creative consumer | The Economist (tags: socialmedia crowdsourcing collaboration digitalinnovation) More on the Psychology of Social Shopping | On Being Predictably Irrational | Social Commerce Today Don't miss Dan Ariely's TED presentation at the bottom. (tags: psychology social shopping consumer behaviour networks insights decision) How Social Commerce […]

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links for 2011-02-03

Posted on Februar 4th, 2011 by Jonathan

Mobile Banking Takes off in Kenya – “We estimate that M‐PESA had reached nearly 40 percent of the adult population after a little more than 2 years of operation, and that now, approaching only the fourth anniversary of its launch, is used by more than two‐thirds of households.”  (tags: banking payment mobile kenya m-pesa […]

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links for 2011-02-01

Posted on Februar 2nd, 2011 by Jonathan

Twitternutzerzahlen wuchsen in einem Jahr um 142% auf jetzt 460.000 | Webevangelisten Mobile Money | webciety

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