Ira Glass on the key to great creative work

Very nice animation of Ira Glass’ insightful thoughts on the key to success in creative work:

I couldn’t agree more. Of course it is no new knowledge that practice is essential, but I like Glass’ observation of this tension between one’s good taste (which I understand as being able to recognize great work and bad) and their work which is not quite there yet.

The video is based on an excerpt of a 4 part series on storytelling, which is available on Open Culture.

Via Brainpickings.

Adding intangible value

Out of nowhere I ran again across this small section of Rory Sutherland’s “Life lessons from an ad man” talk at TEDGlobal 2009. I had forgotten how interesting and brilliant, filled to the brim with awesome it was. If you like this small section, you will enjoy all the highly recommended 17 minutes.
Rory Sutherland’s blog at Brandrepublic

Persuasive Presentation

Take a look at this video:

Nick Vujicic is a total inspiration.

You see, I have been thinking lately about persuasion. Especially the really complicated kinds that go deeper than selling stuff, but touching people and changing their attitude (about themselves or important issues). I believe there are many people out there who tell these kids exactly the same things as Nick, they probably use exact the same words, but their words could never as resounding. Why is that, I wonder?

I have written down some thoughts about this, but it needs more thinking.